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How the SDE is run...

SDE is a company under UK Law and was established as a network of individuals engaged in the ministry of spiritual direction within the geographical area of Europe. Our network seeks to support and encourage one another as spiritual directors, to learn from each other's wisdom and to appreciate each other's spiritual and cultural diversity.

This happens in a variety of ways - our Annual Meeting and, increasingly, through our online presence. These aim to provide ongoing formation as well as opportunities to meet like-minded people. Although these are primarily for Members, most are also open to non-members and invited guests. The SDE also aims to make links with networks within Europe and elsewhere in the world.

We hold a directory of membership which is available to Members. Members also receive a newsletter giving updates from the Executive Commitee (EC)  and fellow-Members.

The SDE is funded by subscriptions from its Members and donations. This allows us to maintain our online presence and covers the administration costs of our Annual Meeting and other events. All those who serve on the EC do so in a voluntary capacity, though contributions are made to their essential costs of travel and accommodation.


Spiritual Directors in Europe: Company number: 5461532 

Constitution and Articles

Some Questions about SD-Europe answered.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee are Directors of the SDE Company with Paul Booth serving as Company Secretary.

The aim is that the EC represents our various nations and Christian denominations with Committee members elected for a three year term; this can be extended for a second term.

The EC meets approximately monthly and produces Minutes and a newsletter which is circulated to Members and posted online.

The EC for 2023-2024 are

Lehel L├ęszai