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Sunday 14  May - Empowered  by  the  Holy  Touch

Today is the day of workshops and triads. What a good practice then to begin with quiet Lectio Divina on Acts 8:14-17 – prayer for the Samaritans and their receiving the Spirit.

Are you, am I, open and ready as mature in Christ, to ask for the Spirit to come to those we serve, pray for and walk with? P

And we had John 14:15-21- Jesus prayer for his disciples. “On that day you will understand that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.

We are empowered only as we are in Christ and Christ is in us, or as we rest on Jesus’ breast, like John did and Jesus rests on the Father’s breast.

What helps you to lean more surely on Christ’s breast?

As some of us walked in the forest and spent time with the trees, as we slowed right down we opened ourselves to the natural world around us. We become connected and in doing so discover that the trees are simply being trees. And the plants are being the plants they are made to be and we might perhaps discover that we are made simply to be us. You to be you. Not anything else. It is empowering. It was a touch of the holy through nature. Empowered by Love’s touch to be myself, to be yourself.

As we learnt together from the expertise of others we were led into a holy place of encounter with ourselves. I know myself a little better now.  (The workshops are recorded and will appear on the website soon. See what calls you. )

And after some days, when we have prayed for healing of the wounds of this nation, and we have been silent in the presence of God and we have shared bread and wine together and laughed and cried, it is time for triads. To open ourselves to others in a truly safe and holy space and listen with them for the Spirit’s love and wisdom. In this truly vulnerable place we are empowered for the onward call. To give ourselves to listen for the holy for and with another. This is our call where we give ourselves and bring the touch of the holy to another.

Penny Warren

Photo: Liina Sander

Completed artwork

Aegviidu church


Stiiv presides at the Eucharist

Lehel and  Members in outdoor prayer

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