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Wednesday 10 May - Arrivals!

“Touched by the Holy”. It doesn’t feel like a holy place, stuck in the stairwell with 50 other people at Stanstead Airport waiting for the plane to arrive nearer to the doors. And the plane is so cold! Will I shiver all the way to Tallinn?

 Is the Holy the easy or the comfortable way?

The holy is perhaps what is now, filled with the presence of God. And something in us sometimes prevents us from recognising God in this moment. Perhaps as we meet this week and as you watch with us at home, something will be uncovered in each of us that we might dwell more constantly in the holy.

Stiiv spoke this evening about the recovery of touch since covid. We can touch each other again and what joy it has been to touch,  to embrace the holy in each other as we greet one another. How easy it is to forget that you and I each are made in God’s image. We carry the holy. We embrace the holy.

And yet Stiiv reminds us that in the Old Testament holiness was untouchable – do not go near.

The barrier is broken down. The curtain in  the Holy of Holies is torn in two. Holiness is in our midst.

And in this beautiful place among the trees, beside the lakes, in a quiet nation, we are touched by the Holy.

In the quiet, can you sense the holy as this week is held in prayer?

Can you allow yourself to be touched by the Holy without knowing or planning which that holy moment, or holy place, or holy word might be?

Penny Warren

The tranquil setting of Nelijarve which greeted our Members.

The focus for prayer at the Opening Liturgy

Photo: Liina Sander

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