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Spiritual Direction? Is it for me?

You may have heard tons of sermons and actively participated in bible study groups and regular worship and prayer. Yet, there is that yearning echoing deep in you. Sensing those hidden shadows within you.  Questions, that have been left unanswered or answers given that did not share peace to you. 

Perhaps you are longing for something more individual, more your own  way to lead a Christian life. Perhaps teachings you have heard have not found a home within you so you are on your search for way, truth and life. Perhaps you are faced with a life situation - a major life-decision, a bereavement or significant life change. Perhaps you are being called to go deeper into what it means to be you.

Does spiritual direction sound to you once again that someone is telling, even pointing out the direction where you should go? This is not what it is about! It is less about directing you on a set path and more about someone accompanying you on the path that God lays before you.

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Short comment video by Teemu Salminen .

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