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THURsday 11  May - Yearning  for  the  Holy  Touch

The yearning within me, within you, is always there. We long or yearn for the holy. In this land, in Estonia, where will we experience the holy that we yearn for?

In a reflection on Estonian spirituality we heard about the Eractic Rocks, those rocks transported by the glaciers in the ice-age and left in a place with no geological connections to that rock. That rock loves because it is created in Love. Would you, would I embrace the rock or ignore the rock?

The sea moves, it changes, it stirs and calms. The sea loves. It is created by the hand of Love. Will you, will I listen to the voice of Love in the sea, or will we just watch a while and then walk on unmoved. All the while yearning for the Holy.

We heard about the Estonian language which has no future tense. There was no haste to rush towards or fight for independence from the Communist regime, but there was a waiting for the right time, the Kairos time. And the Kairos moment (the right moment) came.

Do I, do you rush in haste or anxiety, driven to find an answer to our yearning, or will we settle into this moment with our yearning and wait for the Kairos moment?

In this lovely place we feel the warming of the sun and see the opening of the leaves and the early flowers, anenomies and saxifrage, bursting forth. It is their time, Kairos time.

In our AGM there was time to be silent, time to listen to each other, to discern and respond. There was time to feel the holy, though we might so easily miss it in haste or in a desire to have our own way. And in the Eucharist we heard Christ’s invitation to come. Come, all you who are hungry. Come.

Penny Warren

Meeting and Reconnecting

Photo: Liina Sander

The 2023-2024 EC with newly-elected Secretary, Antoinette Van Gurp

Left to right: Chair - Lehel Lészai; Fourth Member - Liina Sander; Secretary - Antoinette van Gurp; Temporary Secretary - Stiiv Knowers; Treasurer - Teemu Salminen. 

Photo: Debbie Wehking

Relaxing by the Lake Purgatsi after the AGM

Eucharistic Table

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