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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction, by its very nature, escapes precise definition. On the other hand it is a gift, given by God, and functioning as a special ability. Spiritual direction can be understood as practising spiritual counselling that seeks its space somewhere between pastoral counselling and spiritual therapy.  A spiritual director could be seen as a mentor, one who has walked the road not more far than the other, yet being able to walk alongside the other facilitating the sacred space.

The following are tentative descriptions
  • To give support to a person to see the work of the Holy Spirit/God in his or her life.
  • To be a companion to a person in seeking the meaning of life.
  • To accompany others seeking the mystery we name God by tending the holy in their lives.
  • A friendly relationship in which one person helps another to discern and respond to God’s will for them.
  • Companioning another person, together listening to the movement of the holy, the divine, in that person’s life.

Spiritual Direction can happen in groups, but more frequently happens in one to one relationships.

Perspectives within spiritual direction

Spiritual direction takes form in various ways. Most often it is understood to hapen in sessions, where directee and director share a moment in presence of Holy One. The directee shares their own understanding of the life situation onto which they are seeking God's guidance. The director listens to the directee, to the reflective impressions within the director themself and most of all to God's presence whispering in the situation spoken.

Some spiritual direction can happen in a retreat where retreatants are offered  private dicussions with a retreat director. These discussions may happen in the spirit and form of spiritual direction tradition.

Because spiritual direction can be understood more as an attitude than a method that we have as connecting with people, there are various ways to create space for experiencing spiritual direction. Read more about traditions within spiritual direction here.

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