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Monday 9 May - The Journey Home

For some people, the Journey Home started early as they prepared for the 4am bus taking them to Keflavik Airport. Gunnhildur and Bjarkke had moved a fridge into the entrance so that the packed breakfasts could be stored safely ready to go!

The rest of the group travelled later to the Airport and into Reykjavik. They were able to take last looks at the land that speaks, the sea that surrounds it and some of the abundant bird-life returning for the summer.

The EC had the pleasure of meeting Bishop Dávid Tencer, OFMCap, the Catholic Bishop of Iceland. They spoke of the ministry of spiritual direction and how SD-Europe encourages accountability and supervision for directors - and how the Europe-wide network enabled a sharing of good practice across our continent.

After sharing his gracious hospitality, Bishop Dávid took the EC into the cathedral. The number of Catholics in Iceland is very small (4%) but when the cathedral was built, was even smaller. When the plans were made for the building, people asked why it was going to be so big - the priest in charge said, it was faith that it would be needed! These words are being fulfilled as many of those coming to work in Iceland are Catholic and the cathedral is regularly full for Sunday Masses.

Vigfús had told us that many people kept statues and images intact during and after the Reformation. An example of this is the statue of Mary and Jesus which had been handed down from generation to generation by a Lutheran farming family. When the cathedral was built, the family decided that here was a suitable home for their 14th century treasure. 

The EC spent time reviewing aspects of the Annual Meeting - but also managed to enjoy a little of the beauty and character of Reykjavik - often meeting other Members as they too enjoyed time saying goodbye to the Land that had spoken so deeply to them.

Teemu and Liina wait in the early morning light for the 4am bus. 

Getting the breakfasts together!

The EC with Vigfús and Bishop Dávid

The 14th-century statue of Mary and Jesus.

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