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Travel Tips

Iceland is a beautiful and very safe country.

For most of our visit, we will be in the company of Icelanders who will use their local knowledge to help us to find our way around safely.

The weather during the time of our stay is very unpredictable! It is early spring and could be warm but it is also possible that we will have snow.

As we will be "hearing the land speak", we will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Please ensure you have comfortable and waterproof shoes and consider packing gloves, hats and scarves.

Due to the fine volcanic soil, it is customary to remove shoes in the houses - slippers for indoor use could be useful.

It is likely that there will still be concerns about Covid-19. We will monitor requirements for Iceland early in 2022 but please ensure that you know and act upon the regulations in your home country.

Continuing your stay as a holiday or extended pilgrimage.

There are hotels and bed and breakfasts places in Reykjavik and other towns and villages. You could also consider hiring a camper van and exploring more widely. 

Pilgrimage: Hear the Land Speak - Iceland 2022 

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