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A Prayer of Trust and Hope

Dear Lord,
when I turn my attention inwards,
I find that precisely the same predicament in which our planet finds itself
is mirrored deep within me.

A storm is ripping the blossom from my soul,
from the blossomed waymarks on the pathway to the heart.

Grant that this path  neither entirely disappears nor fades,
that it neither misleads nor wanders from the way of truth or of hungry longing;
that sufficient light may be shed on this pilgrim path
to stop it wandering off into empty delusion. 

Lord, help me to discover both skill and strength
o distinguish the path that leads to You from so many other paths.

At the same time, there are certain rare and brief moments of inner tranquility
that are captured for ever, as if by an artist.

There is still the same knowledge that the Creator exists!

Just as you don't have to believe in the table as you lean on it,
you only have to trust that the table is there and will carry your weight!

This is of the greatest help.

                                                                                                                          Kristjan Paju

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