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An Easter Message from our Chair, Lehel L├ęszai

Da pacem Domine!


Christ is risen! We celebrate today the resurrection of our Lord. When he appeared to his disciples, he told them on three occasions: “Peace be with you!” (John 20:19.21.26). The disciples were frightened because they lost their Master, because they were confused, and they feared for their life. Jesus know exactly about their desperate situation and inner fragility. The future looked grim for them. So the Risen One wishes them peace. Peace in their mind, peace in their soul, and peace in their body.

The apostles lacked peace. Jesus wishes them what they needed the most. Ten of them experienced his peace right away, and one of them just a week later. Thomas mourned deeply. For him, there was no consolation in the company of his fellow disciples in this hopeless situation. He wanted to be left alone. Life seemed to be pointless for him without his Master. And this bitter mourning deprived him of meeting with the One, who he missed the most. Our troubles, mourning, pains, suffering, wounds, our offended feelings, insults, injured (painful?)  situations, hurts keep us away from the others, who are also troubled, clueless and disorientated. What a blessing that the others don’t give up on Thomas. They go after him, invite him into their midst. They cannot convince him about the resurrection of their Master, but they can draw him in fellowship, where Jesus appears to him as well. That would be our duty as well. To pray for each other, to comfort each other, and invite each other to the community where Christ appears.

Our life is affected by a nonsensical, tragic and bloody war. Something which is inconceivable for most people in the 21st century. Yet it is real, it is not too far from us, and we see daily refugees who seek stability, protection and peace. We fear for the children affected by war. There is high time for peace. We tend to wish to each other every good which is important or which we lack. Jesus does not just wish peace, but he offers it, he gives it. We need his peace in our inner life, and there is a need for peace around us, in our families, in our society, in our countries, on our continent and in our world. We need him to calm us down, to talk to us, to encourage us, to be able to shine in this dark world. It is a privilege to have such a risen Lord, and such brave brothers and sisters.

He is risen indeed! Peace be with you!

Jesus appears to Thomas.

Image: freebibleimages.org 

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